I don't remember why I chose ICLT, but now I understand that it was the right decision. You study in cozy classrooms, the teachers are enthusiastic and they really love their work.

—Paruyr Mkrtchyan
OMVL Armenia, CEO

ICLT is definitely a great place to learn English. People are friendly and happy to help you. I still use the things I learnt at ICLT quite often.

—Hayk Saribekyan
Studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Software engineering intern at Google

In a very short period of time ICLT helped me transform my general English skills to a level of applying, passing the standardized tests, interviewing, and getting accepted to one of the most competitive universities in the world.

—Armen Vardanyan
Studying mathematics and computer science in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US

ICLT is one of a kind center, aimed at developing students' knowledge. Here every student feels special and enjoys learning.

—Tatevik Hakobyan
Actuarial Consultant at Azenes GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland

"ICLT starts the journey of redefining the life by your own terms! Learn English, connect with the globe, pursue your dreams!"

—Anzhelika Sargsyan
Software Engineer at Twitter, New York City

Levels & Fees

Get your level checked at ICLT with maximum precision, along with a detailed needs analysis and recommendations for your future study plan. Level checks are done from Monday – Friday, 13:00 – 17:00. For special time slots outside the routine hours and days, call and arrange with the administration at 093 509 329. We will do our best to accommodate to your needs.


CEFCambridge EnglishICLT ArmeniaTOEFL IELTSOutcome of the level
A1YLE (Starters)
YLE (Movers)
BeginnersLearners can communicate at a minimal level and can recognize basic communication in English.
A2YLE (Flyers)
Key (KET)
Elementaryless than 303.0Learners can communicate at basic level and understand more complex structures and vocabulary.
A2 - B1Preliminary (PET)Pre-Intermediate30 - 454 - 4.5Vocabulary and knowledge of grammar is developing. Oral and written English is becoming accurate.
B1- B2Preliminary (PET)
First (FCE)
Intermediate35 - 505 Learners are beginning to deal confidently with authentic listening and reading material.
B2First (FCE)Intermediate +50 - 605.5Learners familiarize themselves with more sophisticated language constructions and can engage in conversations on various subjects with rather complex vocabulary.
B2 - C1First (FCE)Upper-Intermediate65 - 806 - 6.5Learners can use English in a variety of contexts and can effectively use the complexities of the language. The vocabulary and grammar is more varied.
C1Advanced (CAE)Advanced90 - 1007-7.5Learners are able to understand and produce the subtleties complexities of the language. Academic, scientific and business language can be adequately perceived.
C2Proficiency (CPE)Upper Advanced100+8+Learners reach the level of proficiency and maintain comprehension and communication skills of native speakers.


ICLT Course Prices

CourseDurationScheduleMonthly Fee (AMD)Course Fee (AMD)
Beginner3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
Elementary3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
Pre-Intermediate3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
Intermediate3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
Intermediate +3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
Upper Intermediate3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
Advanced3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
Upper Advanced3 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)
(Cambridge YLE)
6-9 months/level2 lesson p/week
1.5 hours p/lesson
23.00010% off the full course fee

Exam Preparation and Business Courses

CourseDurationScheduleMonthly Fee (AMD)Course Fee (AMD)
TOEFL / IELTS2 months/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 10000)
GRE/GMAT1-2 month(s)/level3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
Business English3 months3 lessons p/week
2 hours p/lesson
(save 6000)

Individual Classes

CourseHourly Fee (AMD)
General English
(Intermediate+ - Upper Advanced)
Exam Preps

How to Apply

If you want to apply you can either register online, call us at +374 93 509 329 or visit us on 67/1 Baghramyan.
Our administrative team will gladly assist you in your initial induction through our school rules and regulations, as well as the course terms  requested.  Here is how you enroll into our courses:

  • Our admin conducts a needs analysis to identify your course demands
  • Our tutor checks your level of English through a brief interview
  • You write an additional written test if needed
  • We let you know when the course of your demand starts

Special Offers

Special offers for our special students :

  • Get a 40% discount on all Cambridge English exams!
  • Learn English from any place you please, in flexi morning and evening hours with our best tutors. English through Skype.
  • Ask our administration for our current promo.
  • Join our CLUBS for free today!

For more information on ICLT special offers contact us.

Register online

To enroll in our courses you can apply online, by phone or in person.

Apply online
Apply by phone by calling us at (+374 93) 509 329.
Apply in person by visiting us at Baghramyan 67/1.

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